About the Grant

$31,000 to support The Three Christs (MAP 2012), a new music-theater work by Corey Dargel and Honor Molloy.

About the Project

The Three Christs is a 90-minute music-theater piece by composer/lyricist Corey Dargel inspired by true stories of people who believe they are Jesus Christ.  It takes a sideways look at the concept of fundamental beliefs.  It distorts and transforms real-life case studies of psychiatric patients with Messianic delusions by incorporating Christian gay-rehabilitation therapy sessions, visions of the Virgin Mary, and a psychologist who, it turns out, may be as delusional as his patients.  The piece is scored for four singers (including Dargel) and the amplified chamber ensemble, Newspeak (clarinet, electric guitar, electric drums, vibraphone, keyboard, violin, and cello).  Contributing artists also include playwright Honor Molloy and stage director Emma Griffin.

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