About the Grant

$25,000 for a new collaboration between composer Lisa R. Coons and several artists (MAP 2012) on a multi-movement evening-length work that undermines the assumed boundaries of performance roles.

About the Project

As part of the International Contemporary Ensemble’s ICElab program, composer Lisa R. Coons is collaborating with several artists on a multi-movement evening-length work that undermines the assumed boundaries of performance roles. Collaborators include seven ICE musicians (on flute, bassoon, violin, tuba, percussion, electric guitar, and voice), two choreographers, and five dancers from The Troupe.

The work will draw attention to the universal and paradoxical struggles of the individual to be autonomous and yet belong, to sincerely express one’s self. This will be done as a meditation on the individual and how humans relate to one another. The audience experience will be a compelling and sensual exploration about the individual lost in the crush of social performance.

Through the ICElab process, allartists participate in multiple workshop (or incubation) periods, which will explorethe use of improvisation and experimentation as a method for collaborativelygenerating material for the final work. The collaboration will circumvent thestratification of media that often compromises the artistic cohesion ofinterdisciplinary works. The incubation periods focus on establishing andbuilding a shared vocabulary between movement and sound. Rather than merelyperforming distinct parts simultaneously, the musicians and dancers willinfluence, constrain, and guide one another to create microcosms of socialdynamics that mirror the daily human performance.

During 2012, workshops will takeplace at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York, New York, and at Certain Birdin Stamford, Vermont. In-progress showings of the evolving piece aim to bringaudiences in the process of artistic creation. The premiere will take place at the Baryshnikov Arts Centerin November 2012.
ICE documents the entire process through DigitICE, the ensemble’s online-media portal, which features high-definition video, audio podcasts, interviews, and blog posts. A glimpse of the incubation process can be viewed at

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