About the Grant

$40,000 to support Extra Shapes (MAP 2012), a new dance piece by DD Dorvillier.

About the Project

Extra Shapes by DD Dorvillier will explore the affinities and antagonisms between sound, light, and choreographed figures. With separate but simultaneous scores for dancers, loudspeakers, and lights,Extra Shapes asks what happens when a performance operates outside the mechanisms of representation, metaphor, charisma, identification—and whether or not it can.

The piece will occupy a rectangular field divided into three horizontal bands. Each stripe is occupied by human figures, light, or sound, and remains spatially autonomous—using its own physical attributes to draw the boundaries of its territory. Through this, the viewer will see and hear the totality of the work and get a chance throughout the piece to view it from all four sides. It follows a trajectory of previous three-part works exploring spectatorship and the perceptual and functional differences between movement, sound, and light.

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