About the Grant

$31,000 to support Milton (MAP 2012), a new theater piece by Lisa D’Amour and Katie Pearl.

About the Project

PearlDamour is the interdisciplinary duo of Katie Pearl and Lisa D’Amour. Their latest project will explore the tiny American human being and the enormous sky above. First they will choose five US towns sharing the name Milton, and then they will interview a broad cross-section of resident about personal and philosophical matters.

D’Amour will then write a monologue incorporating elements of each response. This monologue will be performed in front of five separate video screens, which will show evolving, time-lapse views of each Milton sky. The monologue will be performed by a person of a different age, race, and gender each night, which will create intentional awkwardness and uncanny alignment as multiple, contrasting voices move fluidly through one performer's body—all in front of the ongoing presence of an ever-changing sky. The constellations we see atnight are imaginary entities, constructed by humans to give meaning and orderto the vastness of the night sky.

With this performance, PearlDamour willcreate a new, earthbound constellation called Milton, which will be composed offive spots on the US map. Then the duo will look to it for guidance and wisdom,as they and the audience attempt to orient ourselves somewhere within the ideaof what it means to "be American."

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