About the Grant

$45,000 to support The Urban/Rural Agricultural Residency (MAP 2012), a new performance work by Cornerstone Theater Company written by Sigrid Gilmer and directed by Shishir Kurup.

About the Project

In The Urban/Rural Agricultural Residency, Cornerstone will generate a community-based exploration of food supply and agricultural systems. Cornerstone artists will forge relationships with farmers and farm collectives, urban and rural consumers, food corporations and food cooperatives, community activists, and food-related non-profits such as Hunger Action LA.

During the 18-month process, which has already begun, playwright Sigrid Gilmer and Cornerstone ensemble members will engage with community members through story circles, interviews, and dialogue- and scene-sharing sessions of the in-progress play to ensure that community members directly and deeply inform and influence the play’s development.
In October, we will presentperformances of Gilmer’s new play in our partner communities. The productionwill be a completely immersive experience: food will be served before, during,and after the show, and post-show dialogue sessions with civic leaders andcommunity participants will be held to examine the issues captured in the play.

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