About the Grant

$10,050 to support Incas (MAP 2012), a new play by Raul Dorantes and Colectivo El Pozo.

About the Project

How can sexuality, gender identity, and cultural heritage converge in performance? Colectivo El Pozo’s sixth production Incas represents the daily lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual, and intersexual (LGBTQAI) Latinos in Chicago by combining corporeal and vocal gesture, ethnographic research, and audiovisual media. Interweaving fiction with choreography derived from interview data with LGBTQAI Latinos around Chicagoland, Incas engages multiple interpretations of the concepts of identity, love, security, and family in Latino communities.

The piece explores the nuances of queer Latino identity, sites of refuge sought by Latino migrants to the United States, and queer Latino negotiations of documented or undocumented migrant identities within the United States.
Incas contains two components: the “envelope” and the“core.” The “core” is the fictional narrative of the relationship between two Honduran men—Fernando and Martín—who meet at a bar called Incas every Wednesday evening. Only Cata, the transgendered bartender and owner of Incas, knows that they are in love. The piece’s “envelope” comprises the data collected in our ethnographic interviews, which will be put into motion by our ensemble actors,choreographer, and artistic director through a number of embodied workshops.
The title of the piece refers both to the name of Cata’s bar and the mythology surrounding two spirits in indigenous communities, as well as fabricated links between ancient cultural mores and modernity. In Incas, underground Latinol ives come into view as ethnography meets dance in a moving duet.

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