About the Grant

$30,000 to support a new work (MAP 2012), by Tere O’Conner.

About the Project

Tere O’Connor will present a yet-to-be-titled new work through out a two-year period. This work will be constructed by creating three distinct dances—each employing a different cast, creative process, and performance venue. Then, by harnessing the natural, syncretic potentialities of dance, he will merge these works into a fourth for presentation in New York City in 2013.  

Through a willfully complex employment of simple processes such as assemblage, layering, blending, and pentimento, O’Connor and his performers lay their trust in the inimitable poetics of dance in order to locate a work whose logic and ethos can only be established through choreographic methodology.
O'Connor has always searched for social resonance inside elemental choreographic constructs, and through this project is exploring how cultures bleed into each other—creating new, borderless places. Moreover, he hopes to draw attention to how slowly and imperceptibly this shift occurs beneath the watchful eye of governance.

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