About the Grant

$35,000 to support Complex Movements (MAP 2012), an interactive hip-hop performance by with music by Invincible and Waajeed and sculptural installations by and Wesley Taylor.

About the Project

Complex Movements is an interactive hip-hop performance that will use video projection, sculptural art, and creative technologies to explore the relationship between complex sciences and social-justice movements. Complex Movements is led by Invincible, an acclaimed hip-hop artist, features music production by Waajeed, and includes a sculptural-multimedia installation designed and created by Wesley Taylor.

In 2006, Invincible was introduced to Margaret Wheatley’s book Leadership and the New Science when her mentor Grace Lee Boggs used its frame workof quantum physics and complex science to describe Detroit's emergent grassroots-organizing networks.

Complex Movements was influenced by ideas from Wheatley’s book and other ideas from complex science—including network and game theories, evolutionary biology, and nonlinear systems. At the core of complex science is the idea that change occurs through critical connections rather than critical mass. Hip-hop is a creative medium well suited to tell the story of complex science: it evolves non-linearly through small-scale relationships—through the interplay of lyrical meaning and sound within songs, the process of reconstructing rhythmic patterns through sampling, and the transmission of resilience strategies between marginalized communities around the globe.

Invincible and Waajeed's music will communicate these concepts through dense, mind-bending lyricism and futuristic hip-hop musical arrangements. Wesley Taylor’s installation work will set the stage for the performance, representing each song through sculptural and video elements that interact with performers and the audience, creating feedback loops of participation.

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