About the Grant

$15,000 to support Bus Stop Dreaming (MAP 2011), a new interdisciplinary performance collaboration between video artist Jason Aragon and performance artist and writer Denise Uyehara.

About the Project

Bus Stop Dreaming is inspired by interviews with migrants that Aragon is currently conducting as he covers the ongoing immigration crisis in Tucson, Arizona, situated 70 miles north of the US-Mexico border. This project works closely with Pan Left Productions and the grassroots organization Derechos Humanos to gather stories from the community. The artists will choreograph an ensemble that will perform at selected street corners, bus stops, and public squares around the city of Tucson, including deportation sites. Engaging in pedestrian and butoh-inspired movement, the performers’ bodies will also serve as a canvas onto which video footage—testimony, desert landscapes, and urban crisis—will unfold.


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