About the Grant

$20,000 to support Hot Box (MAP 2011), a new work conceived, directed, and performed by Chocolate Factory artistic director Brian Rogers in collaboration with Madeline Best.

About the Project

Hot Box will be a companion piece to Brian Rogers 2010 performance Selective Memory. While Selective Memory was extremely clean and minimalist in its approach, Hot Box will be loud and messy. Hot Box will draw inspiration from a cinematic vocabulary—pans, zooms, cuts, et cetera—while attempting to find a sustained stillness within a totally chaotic and uncomfortable environment. Inspired by films like Apocalypse Now and Fitzcarraldo, Hot Box will create a live performance that is violent and chaotic. From that chaos, the performance will attempt to compose a sequence of video images that are quiet, sustained, focused, and organized—but somehow coated with intense emotional residue.

Hot Box will premiere in Fall 2012 at the Chocolate Factory in Queens, New York. It will feature direction and sound by Brian Rogers; video and performance by Brian Rogers and Madeline Best; technology design by Mike Rugnetta; sets by Brad Kisicki; lighting by Chloe Z. Brown; and costumes by Maggie Dick.

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