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$13,000 to support Post-Chromodal Discourse (MAP 2011), ten musical compositions by Hafez Modirzadeh.

About the Project

Hafez Modirzadeh, an American saxophonist and composer, has pioneered a “chromodal” concept, which informs a highly original cross-cultural musical approach toward his American jazz and Iranian dastgah heritages. Modirzadeh’s project Post-Chromodal Discourse consists of a dozen original works that, when performed, expand the jazz idiom through a “convergence liberation” of European and Iranian temperaments—using a retuned piano, a saxophone, a trumpet, bass, and drums, and two to three guest artists to enhance the performance.

Two performances will introduce audiences to a musical experience that extends the cultural dynamics of each tradition involved. One premiere concert will be held at Knuth Hall on the San Francisco State University Campus in San Francisco, California, where Modirzadeh is a professor of music in the College of Creative Arts; the other will be held at a more intimate venue at the Studio Pink-House in Saratoga, California. In addition, Modirzadeh will lead a master class at San Francisco State University that will highlight his unique cross-cultural approach to jazz composition and improvisation—providing further insight regarding how one artist showcases the transformational potential of this unique American art form.

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