About the Grant

$30,000 to support Crescent City (MAP 2011), a hyperopera by Anne LeBaron and Douglas Kearney.

About the Project

Crescent City is an art installation and “hyperopera” that will perform in Los Angeles, California, for three weeks in April 2012. A collective of seven visual artists culled from the vibrant art scene in LA will build the fictional town of Crescent City, battered by a hurricane and ruled by voodoo ghosts. During the day, the 10,000 square-foot warehouse space will serve as a gallery of the artist’s work. In the evening, the installations will be animated during a performance of Anne LeBaron and Douglas Kearney’s new hyperopera—which will debut under Yuval Sharon’s direction.

Portions of the opera’s audience roam the fictional city freely while others remain seated within the production’s various environments; live-feed video and audio manipulation will play a significant role in the storytelling. Hyperopera is a term for a completely interdisciplinary approach to creating opera beyond the traditional creative hierarchies. The mega-collaboration of Crescent City is LeBaron’s most ambitious experiment with this theory to-date. Musical excerpts from Crescent City were first heard as part of New York City Opera’s VOX opera lab and later presented with the The Hague’s LOOS Ensemble.

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