About the Grant

$35,000 to support This Clement World (MAP 2011), an 80-minute folk opera about the climate crisis conceived by writer, performer, and musician Cynthia Hopkins.

About the Project

This Clement World interweaves three forms of communication. The primary form is a documentary film infused with outlandish fiction and original avant-folk orchestral songs focusing on Hopkins’ investigation of the climate crisis and likening society’s fossil-fuel addiction to her own personal addictions. The second form is purely sonic: a folk opera for solo voice and chorus, which punctuates the work. The third form is her portrayal of three fictional characters—the ghost of a Cheyenne woman murdered during the 1864 massacre at Sand Creek, a neutral alien observer visiting from the far reaches of outer space, and a child from the not-so-distant future who has traveled back in time to visit the present. Each character serves as a tour guide for an imaginary exhibit conveying the wonders of our currently clement world; these characters interpret this imaginary exhibit from his or her own unique perspective.

Like Hopkins’ previous works, This Clement World will take an innovative, layered approach to narrative—seeking to illuminate the ways humanity is currently rendering its habitat inhospitable, and to discover the changes of behavior necessary to maintain a habitable climate for ourselves and our descendents.

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