About the Grant

$30,000 to support Choreography for Audiences (MAP 2011), a new dance experiment choreographed by Noemie Lafrance performed by a participating audience.

About the Project

Choreography for Audiences is a large-scale choreographic/social experiment conceived by site-specific choreographer Noemie Lafrance to be entirely performed by a participating audience.  The performances gather a dozen teams of hundreds of people, who will participate in this large human game. The participants will follow sets of rules and instructions to generate movement altogether creating beautiful formations that morph one into the next from a bird's eye view.
In Choreography for Audiences the participants are to use strategy, competition and cooperation to achieve aesthetic goals. The aim is to reach a balance with the group, which will create a variety of large-scale visual patterns, interactions or encounters along the way that form the choreography. The structure will enable the participants to make aesthetic decisions based on their immediate experience, allowing for a more spontaneous group efforts rather than being overly planned and rehearsed. The rules and instructions used by the participants will yield results that resemble evolution patterns and that generate complex interaction scenarios between people. Various paths marked on the floor will help carve large-scale group formations, making the possibilities for this moving tableau infinite.

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