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$20,000 to support Home Land Security (MAP 2005), a theatrical work by Marty Pottenger which uses arts-based civic dialogue to explore responses to a raid in Portland by the US Border Patrol.

About the Project

Home Land Security is a multi-media performance project concerning a February, 2004, US Border Patrol “raid” in Portland, Maine. The performance reveals the resiliency, humor and collective strength of new American communities even as it creates opportunities for co-operative engagement among all the communities who now call Portland “home.” With the surprise raid as a point of departure for an exploration of unintended consequences of the USA Patriot Act and the War on Terror, Home Land Security will be created and directed by lead artist Marty Pottenger. Using a model developed through her work as an artist and community organizer, Ms. Pottenger will combine one-on-one interviews with Maine’s Governor and Senate President, Portland’s Mayor, Homeland Security Chief and the Border Patrol’s Regional Director with arts-based civic dialogues with members of the local Latino, Afghan, Somali, Sudanese and French-Canadian communities to create a work focusing on security, safety and sovereignty.

The people who were involved in and effected by the “sweep” will be the performers of home land security. At the center of the piece will be an original score, where Franco-American fiddles, Afghan rebab, African drums and Mexican trumpets articulate the emotional challenges and practical realities of contention and connection that the Border Patrol raid revealed. The performance will be illuminated by archival video imagery drawn from national and local news broadcasts. Based on the principles of cooperative engagement and the practice of civic dialogue, part of the work’s focus will be to explore and strengthen the relationship between art projects and the making of public policy.
From Marty Pottenger’s <EM>Home Land Security</EM>
From Marty Pottenger’s Home Land Security


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