About the Grant

$17,000 to support a commission by composer Lei Liang (MAP 2011) for the PRISM Quartet and Music From China.

About the Project

The PRISM Quartet will commission a new work from Lei Liang for saxophone quartet—soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone; traditional Chinese instruments—pipa, sheng, erhu, yangqin (Chinese dulcimer); and percussion. The work will co-premiere in concerts by PRISM and the Music From China ensemble in March 2012 at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York, New York, and at Trinity Center for Urban Life in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Liang’s composition will unfold over a single movement and will use the instruments of PRISM and Music From China to reenact the subtle atmosphere and sensibility of traditional Nanguan music, which can be traced to Tang Dynasty (618–907 Common Era) court music. According to the composer, “the work will also juxtapose and superimpose materials played by the saxophone quartet in order to highlight the contrasts and the dynamic relationship between the Eastern and the Western, the heterophonic and the homogeneous instrumental forces, as well as the contemporary and the ancient. Their
materials will interact and interpenetrate.”

The composition will explore the unity and contrast of timbres between these two very different groups of instruments, seeking a meeting point where both are related. Liang’s work will be presented alongside premieres of other newly commissioned work from Bright Sheng and Fang Man, all of which will be recorded for release on Innova records.

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