About the Grant

$35,000 to support A History (MAP 2011), a new dance work directed by Bebe Miller in collaboration with longtime BMC members Angie Hauser, Darrell Jones and dramaturg Talvin Wilks, filmmaker Lily Skove and installation artist Maya Ciarrocchi.

About the Project

A Histoy can be viewed as both the evidence and performance of a creative process. Our aim is to create dynamic exposure of how we do what we do. Performances are coupled with media installations offering dance tracks and thematic journeys that audiences try on in order to experience our process and to arrive at their own conclusions.

A History
will share with an audience what it feels like to be inside choreography in the making. With Dance Fort we broaden our inquiry, inviting a team of artists, archivists, and technological advisors to conceive of an artist-driven archive using existing and emerging technologies. We will situate the exploration between two academic institutions—Ohio State University and the Center for Creative Research at New York University—to ask the following: How might we create opportunities for artists and scholars to actively inscribe history? Can archives be sites of in-depth interaction and exposure between artists, scholars, and other audiences? What might that interaction look like? Our aim is to harvest new archival processes for the next generation—shifting the conception of archive from artifact to art.

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