About the Grant

$25,000 to support An Evening With William Shatner Asterisk (MAP 2011), a new performance work by Phil Soltanoff.

About the Project

Certainly theater and performance have embraced new technologies. Most work, however, still holds to the model that the actor is the center of the theatrical universe. An Evening With William Shatner Asterisk considers a post-human theater, exploring the possibilities that occur when the principle player is technological and acts in symbiosis with two human performers or operators.

Celebrity images function as our raw material. The main character is created by overtly chopping images together to construct authentic discourse via contrived, secondhand means. The work will attempt to explore the following: What happens when we rearrange media-driven images and sounds into a puppet or a library that provides dialogue about contemporary art? What happens when we feed these iconic images back to a media-saturated audience in absurd and thought-provoking ways? And what does this reveal about both the subject (contemporary art) and the object (the performance itself)?

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