About the Grant

$15,000 to support Live! The Realest MC (MAP 2011), a new ensemble dance piece choreographed by Kyle Abraham.

About the Project

Live! The Realest MC is a new ensemble work that re-imagines the Walt Disney’s Pinocchio in an urban environment. Inspired by the duality of Pinocchio’s plight to be a “real boy,” Live! investigates gender roles in the black community and societal perspectives of the quest for acceptance in the world of hip-hop celebrity. The piece will also display themes reflecting our current “emoticon culture.” How do we capture moments in our lives? By “tagging” ourselves on Facebook. When in moments of deepest despair, we update our status. Where have feelings gone? Are we becoming machines?

is a work that references fading humanity through a humorously dark, abstract narrative—mixing Disney characters in a conflict of man versus machine.


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