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$20,000 to support Rob Reddy's The Hearing Booths (MAP 2004), a composition for ten musicians, each inside their own individually designed and lit soundproof booth.

About the Project

The Hearing Booths is conceived to heighten an audience member’s connection to the act of creating and listening to music. The Hearing Booths is a performance of a composition for ten musicians, each playing inside their own individually designed and lit soundproof booth. Each booth allows one audience member to enter at a time, while in the communal space the entire composition will be mixed live. The Hearing Booths allow the audience member to experience a musical composition both in an intimate environment alone with a single musician, and in a communal listening environment hearing the entire work. The venue will create an opportunity to understand a musical composition in an entirely new way.

The ten individual booths are opaque and completely soundproof. A light above each of the booths indicates which ones are occupied by other audience members, and listeners can move in and out of the booths at will. Each booth is uniquely designed in relationship to both the individual musician’s instrument and his personal physique, and lit in relationship to the particular musical line as if each contained an entire musical performance. The Hearing Booths is a venue created so that one can have the unique opportunity of experiencing privately an event that is normally performed publicly. The project is aimed at increasing the possibility of an intimate and personal connection with the performers, and at creating a very personal experience of hearing a challenging musical composition.

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