About the Grant

$20,000 to support Triangle of Resistance (MAP 2011), a new evening-length interdisciplinary performance piece featuring video by Michelle Handelman and music by Miya Masaoka.

About the Project

Triangle of Resistance is a performance piece that explores how media can frame and motivate social movements through investigation and interpretation of three historical events of the 20th century: the Italian Futurists movement led by Luigi Russolo and his 1913 manifesto “The Art of Noises”; the Russian Revolution of 1917; and the 1942 US Executive Order 9066, which authorized internment of 112,000 Japanese-American citizens during World War II. Masaoka will compose original music for herself and an ensemble of 2–3 additional musicians, featuring instruments such as koto, laser koto, LED kimono, percussion, cello, and electronics.

Handelman will work with found footage, animation, and live actors to create a fragmented narrative that plays across multiple screens. The piece will interject upon existing ideas and shed new light on notions of the machine, the worker, and the events of internment in modern society. How does the media aid in the transmission and transformation of these events? How can we give an artistic interpretation to such historical events? Triangle of Resistance will be developed through a collaborative residency and is slated to premiere in the Fall 2012.

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