About the Grant

$20,000 to support Cry You One (MAP 2011), a new performance collaboration between the ensemble Mondo Bizarro, Millicent Johnnie, and Louis Michot.

About the Project

Louisiana is vanishing. It is breaking apart into the sea. Every half hour we lose nearly a football field’s worth of coast to the Gulf of Mexico – more than twenty-four square miles a year. Cry You One is a celebration of the stories and cultural traditions housed in that rapidly eroding land. It is a site-specific journey created between the New Orleans-based ensemble Mondo Bizarro, Grammy nominated Cajun fiddler Louie Michot and renowned choreographer Millicent Johnnie. The title comes from the old Cajun fiddlers who, before playing a waltz, smile and say: Let me cry you one. It is both a goodbye and a hello, saying farewell and honoring the future. Like a New Orleans jazz funeral, it is generative because when we hold a funeral here, we celebrate. We cook and play music; we parade the body through the streets, sharing stories from the life of the departed, only then can we release. Cry You One does that for the land. Our bodies are an extension of this rapidly eroding countryside, vestiges of the land’s memory, its phantom limbs so to speak. Cry You One will use our bodies and the music, dances and stories of south Louisiana to create a series of outdoor processions to bless and remember the land as it gives way to the ocean, highlighting how rapidly one of the world's most vibrant cultures is disappearing.


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