About the Grant

$30,000 to support Jennifer Monson's Flight of Mind (MAP 2004), an evening-length work for five dancers.

About the Project

Flight of Mind is a new dance work created by Choreographer/Dancer Jennifer Monson in collaboration with sound Composer/Sound Designer David Kean and Artist/Set Designer Bob Braine. The sound, set, and dance elements will all evolve through a deeply interactive collaboration between the three artists. The work marks a new phase in JMD’s multi-year project BIRD BRAIN, which included three migrational dance tours across continents following Gray Whales (Spring 2001), Ospreys (Fall 2002) and Ducks and Geese (Spring 2004). Flight of Mind will distill and transform the intensive investigative process of these three outdoor site-specific migrations into a new performance system for a theatrical context. Throughout the Gray Whales, Ospreys and Ducks and Geese migrations, the initial themes of animal as well as human navigation and migration through perceptual and sensorial experience have evolved into an interest in sustainable, interactive and interdependent systems.

Monson’s new collaborative relationship with both Kean and Braine will support the creation of a unique and sustainable ecosystem – a distillation of the experiences of the BIRD BRAIN migrations over the past four years. Flight of Mind will address through movement, sound and sculpture the challenges we face as we continue to negotiate our relationship with evolving concepts of nature, existence and sustainability.

Anticipated Performance Dates:

Flight of Mind
will premiere at Dance Theater Workshop in New York City for a two-week season in September/October 2005. The work will also be presented at the Myrna Loy Center for the Arts in Helena, MT (November 2006); Tigertail Productions, Inc. in Miami, FL (Spring 2006); and the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s TBA Festival in Portland, OR (Fall 2006).

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