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$25,000 to support Walk (MAP 2010) a year-long collaboration between Taylor Mac and Talking Band inspired by the true events of a nine month walk from New York to the Nevada Nuclear Test Site in 1992.

About the Project

In 1992, Taylor Mac and one hundred other political activists walked across the United States. For nine months, this group of aging hippies, baby hippies, punks, anarchists, dykes, radical fairies, men, women, senior citizens, and children walked an average of eighteen miles a day, through every weather imaginable -- camping in parks, farms, churches, community centers, and schools -- from New York City to the Nevada Nuclear Test site just south of Las Vegas.

Eighteen years old, and eager to flee his suburban conservative upbringing, Taylor joined the Walk. Others joined because they had no place else to go, because their lovers were on the Walk, because political action was part of who they were, because they wanted to sightsee, because they had a disturbing fixation on Native American culture, because they were mentally ill, homeless, or because they truly did believe they could shut down the test site. Their journey, as re-told and re-imagined by Taylor, tracks a bizarre bandwidth of society across the country's heartland, and in doing so exposes the eccentricities of the "average American," and the common threads that bind even our most marginalized members.

juxtaposes the iconic backdrop of America against some of its most iconoclastic individuals, and considers how the idea of community sometimes fails to unite us in the most surprising ways.

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