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$25,000 to support STOP HITTING YOURSELF (formerly titled Decameron Day 3: Revolution) (MAP 2010), an original, site-specific, trans-media performance installation by the Rude Mechanicals.

About the Project

Decameron Day 3: Revolution has three components: 1. interactive installations simulating acts of rebellion for audience participation; 2. discrete, scripted vignettes, modeled on the work of 12th-century author and poet Giovanni Boaccaccio, utilizing Rude Mechs’ physical style, to tell stories about the impact of revolutionary action (focusing on the Stonewall Riots and Pancho Villa); 3. a lasting, physical benefit to Austin (or any future performance site) created by harnessing the labor of rehearsal, set construction, performance, and strike to clean abandoned lots, plant sustainable flora and create public meeting spaces. DD3! will allow audience participants to tell each other the stories of their own early rebellions, to feel kinship and participation when they learn about land reclamation south of the US border, or see the story of the drag queen who threw the first shoe at Stonewall Inn standing in a dress she stole from her mother. Audiences will revisit the site of their connection to these revolutions and retell these stories as they plan the future uses of the material artifacts of the show.

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