About the Grant

$25,000 to support Animated Dance Film (MAP 2010), a new work by Sarah Michelson.

About the Project

Having long wrestled inside and outside of her making process with questions of form with regards to dance and dance history, the desire for cinematic experience in live art, fervent questions about ownership and derivation, self referencing, deifying of dancers and their history on the stage, style, the fleeting and impermanent nature of dance, and the impossible problem of preserving live art as artifact, choreographer Sarah Michelson now attempts to address these questions through a practical interrogation. She will make a dance film. That is, a film that's choreographed, that's actually a dance and actually a film. The work will experiment with extremity in the face of questions pertaining to the differences of making and watching cinema versus live art, and engage the question of whether a live form could translate to artifact.


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