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$18,000 to support Gloria’s Cause (MAP 2010), a dance-driven rock musical directed by Dayna Hanson, formerly of 33 Fainting Spells.

About the Project

Iconic and not-so-iconic moments of the the American Revolution come to life in Gloria’s Cause. With a creative corps that includes Hanson’s longtime collaborators Dave Proscia, Peggy Piacenza, Wade Madsen, Maggie Brown and Paul Moore, Gloria’s Cause sets about to revise America’s collective tale, linking modern ills to Revolutionary ironies. Warped replays of events like Paul Revere's midnight ride—as well as nods to the period’s minor players—are fueled by far-ranging, original rock and a body of research that goes past scholarly sources to include punk rock, living history, professional sports and 1970s television such as Schoolhouse Rock and Soul Train.

The Enlightenment was rooted in the belief that reason could bring a new era of happiness for all. But the visionaries who proclaimed equality as an inalienable right wore blinders keeping the plight of slaves, women and Native Americans out of view. Through testimonials and interviews, Americans struggling for equal rights today—immigrants, gays, minorities—will share their stories, often hitching to contemporary concerns like health care reform and marriage equality. These personal stories butt up against theatrical treatments of choice clichés of the Revolution, including Benjamin Franklin’s “discovery” of electricity. Throughout, Dayna Hanson’s idiosyncratic choreography propels this rock spectacle drenched in the glory, glitz, guts and guilt of the American Revolution.

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