About the Grant

$23,000 to support EXTREMELY PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF PRIVACY (MAP 2010), a cross-media theater performance that takes advantage of new modes of communication to give audience members long-term access to an immersive, multilayered performance experience. The work will look directly at issues surrounding the value of privacy and anonymity in a culture that is increasingly obsessed with metaphors of inter-connectivity, social access, and “data-veillance.”

About the Project

The piece will involve five young professionals who counteract the numbness in their lives by daring each other to do outrageous things in public. New Paradise Lab will enact these EXTREMELY PUBLIC DISPLAYS surreptitiously in public spaces and videotape them beneath the eye of the population at large. Audiences will gain access to the piece 1) online, 2) through GPS-tagged video clips accessible in the public sites where the piece will be shot, and finally, 3) in a live theater piece that will be a more traditional theatrical expression. Audience will “attend” the piece in all of these sites. Ultimately, the piece will interrogate the value of anonymity, the social demand for disclosure, the therapeutic value of transparency, and the efficacy of public action.

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