About the Grant

$25,000 to support The Tiger Among Us (MAP 2010), a play by Lauren Yee commissioned by Mu Performing Arts.

About the Project

When her younger brother Vincent arrives at her door caked in someone else’s blood, Pearl Wong wonders whether his first year of college has gone well. But when she turns on the news and sees the devastating carnage that a mysterious shooting has just ripped through his university campus, it becomes clear that Vincent has bigger problems than roommate issues. But things are not as they seem, or so Vincent says, as the authorities close in on yet another Asian-born, fresh-off-the-boat, social outcast shooter.

This new work ask - How well we can know something or someone in contemporary society, where connections and conclusions are formed through social networking sites, Skype, and endless streams of imperfect information often muddled by subjective interpretation? What information can we trust, if any, including stories from our own families? And amid this deluge, what courses of action remain for those who simply do not fit in?


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