About the Grant

$25,000 to support Biggest Recovery Community Anywhere (MAP 2010), which will tell the story of the building, growth and current state of the recovery community on Los Angeles' Skid Row.

About the Project

Biggest Recovery Community Anywhere’s creative process will include exchange with recovery communities in greater Los Angeles and beyond. In a recently LAPD-convened forum, a nonprofit housing leader laid it out: "Skid Row has been perceived as a place to dump what you don't want. But the fact is that Skid Row is the only answer in the entire region, for problems of homelessness, and recovery."

The idea for this project emerged from a monologue by area resident Kevin Michael Key in our 2007 production UTOPIA/dystopia:

“In Skid Row you see recovering folk everywhere being productive, living regular lives, working in hotels - managing hotels, as addiction counselors, case managers, medical workers. There are meetings going on here all the time everyday, AA, CA, NA. There's a meeting going on right now - guaranteed! I began interacting with people everyday, listening closely in meetings, and more importantly, watching them living the recovery process. I began drawing strength from these people who are fighting my demons - and guess what? They are winning the fight! They taught me the difference between treatment and recovery. Treatment takes place in funded facilities, but real recovery happens on these streets."

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