About the Grant

$28,000 to support Brain Storm (MAP 2010), Everett Dance Theatre’s new multimedia dance/theater production, which examines the current state of brain research and how it will impact people with disabilities, brain injuries and emotional disorders, as well as those with "normal" brains.

About the Project

Brain Storm will be developed during a two-year residency at Crotched Mountain Foundation, a nonprofit serving children and adults with brain injuries and disabilities.

During its residency the Everett ensemble will interact with all levels of the Crotched Mountain community including staff, clients and family. We will learn firsthand about the science, medicine and care-giving at the forefront of brain injury treatment, and collect information, experiences and stories that will inform the work. Everett will blend the elements of dynamic physicality, storytelling, factual information, humor, and mobile-video projection onto kinetic sculptural set elements, to create a dance/theater experience that informs, entertains and provokes.

Neuroplasticity is a revolutionary and transformative concept on both a personal and a societal level. Everett looks forward to bringing recent advances in the neurosciences to life for audiences on a human, accessible, and visceral level, as it has in the past with subjects such as physics (The Science Project), labor history (Body of Work), autism (Silas), and family (Home Movies).

Rehearsals for Brain Storm will begin in September 2010, the work will premiere in March 2012.

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