About the Grant

$30,000 to support Danza Permanente (MAP 2010), a new dance quartet conceived by Choreographer DD Dorvillier, and developed in collaboration with Composer Zeena Parkins serving as dramaturg. Danza Permanente addresses a Beethoven String Quartet, through an analytical and choreographic transposition of music into dance, and explores how the body can behave as sound, in its arrangement, and becoming of, visible music in silence.

About the Project

For Danza Permanente we will analyze the score of a Beethoven String Quartet, studying the score horizontally across a single instrument line, as well as vertically in relationship clusters between the four instrument parts, developing strategies for the physical interpretation of pitch, dynamic, and timbre indications. The duration of the piece will be consistent with and determined by the musical score. The distribution of parts to the dancers is by instrument line, each dancer taking the line of a particular instrument. We study not only the sequence and chronology of the musical parts, but their harmonic and thematic relationships across the different movements of the string quartet, and then transpose this information into the movement of bodies through space. We are attempting to make the music visible. Playing within a realm in which there exists no concrete rules to ascertain a certain success or failure in the dancerly reproduction of a piece of music, we are exploring ways of transforming our subjective understanding of music, into dance.

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