About the Grant

$23,000 to support Guide to Kinship and Maybe Magic (MAP 2010), a new cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary theater work investigating the role of culture, family, identity, and performance in our present-day culture by LEWIS FOREVER.

About the Project

LEWIS FOREVER will devise Guide to Kinship and Maybe Magic in collaboration with international casts during extended residencies in the Dominican Republic, Germany, Russia, and Poland. LF will focus their research on not only their biographic/geographic roots but also their performance roots. Growing up in suburban Southwest Florida, LF came up performing at community centers, retirement homes, churches, schools, and summer stages. They will now investigate, critique, and pay homage to the birthplace of their artistry: the community performance event.

LF will look to YouTube to find documentation of performances made for community events. From this research they will begin to collect ideas about performance, costuming, and set-design. In each city a cast of four will be selected to work with LF to create a show designed specifically for a community location based on this research. The cast from each city will perform the show in a community location such as a retirement home or community center. The process and the show in each location will be documented and made into a film that will contribute to a final performance presented in NYC.

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