About the Grant

$25,000 to support Think Like a Mountain (MAP 2010), a series of site-specific performance installations by choreographer Ann Carlson and video artist Mary Ellen Strom.

About the Project

Think Like a Mountain, explores the complexities, dangers and beauty of the forest in the Rocky Mountain West. These works incorporate compositions for the moving body, voice, video, wildlife and landscape. The series will be made in a collaborative process with groups representing a range of perspectives about the forest including a 20-person firefighter crew, a group of ranchers and loggers, hunters, a herd of elk, ATV riders and a choir. The pieces will be performed at multiple sites in Montana during August 2011, with the goal of producing dialogue about the forest. The philosophical underpinning of the work is inspired by Aldo Leopolds text Thinking Like a Mountain, that is a call for humans to understand themselves as an integrated, non-dominant part of the environment. This project continues Carlson and Strom’s commitment to working in the Rocky Mountain West.


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