About the Grant

$20,000 to support ActionStation#3-The Forest (MAP 2010), the third in the five-part echo::system performance project. Choreographed by Grisha Coleman with music by Walter Kitundu, this project looks to translate the complex and unpredictable dynamics of a forest habitat into a speculative fiction, informed by the viewpoint of a contemporary urban dweller.

About the Project

The echo::system project is a response to our current global environmental crisis, in the form of a large-scale, multi-media immersive environment that can simultaneously manifest as both stage performance and interactive installation. The core approach is transdisciplinary; a team of artists, scientists, architects and engineers investigate connections between socio-ecological systems. The performance narratives build out of these findings. This method uses a physical studio practice as a basis for the research of all participants; architecture, science [computer and natural], image and sound, as well as performers. This creates a common space and shared language from which to build the movement, sound, image and fiction of our alternative environment.

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