About the Grant

$28,000 to support Let Them Eat Cake (MAP 2010), a new theater piece by About Face Theater.

About the Project

Let Them Eat Cake (LTEC) is a dynamic barnburner of a theatre piece that invites local communities to grapple with the tangled web of issues surrounding marriage equality. By theatrically enacting the universal kinship ritual of marriage in the context of local laws, LTEC engages (pun intended) communities and audiences in a complex and subtle conversation about the far-reaching implications of both what it means to be married and to have this basic privilege of citizenship. LTEC is built to adapt and respond to the specific conditions of what marriage, gay or straight, looks like in a particular region.

Set against a broad-but-quick survey of marriage throughout history, an important goal of this project is also to make queers of color and heterosexual allies of color visible in the national conversation. By collaborating with a diverse cast and engaging questions of religion, race, class, culture, politics and community, LTEC offers a much-needed opportunity for dialogue across pre-existing lines of tension.

And yes, there is cake!

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