About the Grant

$13,000 to support Meet Me @ the Metro (MAP 2009), an interactive, inter-disciplinary theatrical journey for both accidental and traditional theatergoing audiences from around the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

About the Project

In keeping with Watts Village Theater Company's commitment to finding new and innovative ways to use theater to address problems plaguing our community, we have begun the journey to bring people from geographically distant and diverse communities together to share art in new and unexpected locations.

The idea for Meet Me @the Metro was inspired by interactions with many Watts teenagers who had never traveled outside a ten mile radius of their community. Further exploration revealed that just as youth seldom venture outside of Watts, many Los Angeles residents never venture into it, while tourists from around the world visit the community to witness the Watts Towers, a National Historic Landmark. The company began to wonder why this highly local "fence" between communities exists, and what they could do to address it theatrically. As we have meditated on the issue, we have come to realize that it's a metaphor for the way many people and organizations exist.

The project will highlight segregated and secreted communities along station stops within the Los Angeles Metro Rail System’s Red and Blue Lines. Audiences will travel from station to station in a group to experience six original, site-specific performances that take up a variety of sociopolitical, economic, artistic, educational, demographic and environmental movements in Los Angeles today.

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