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$40,000 to support Ruth Maleczech, Lisa Gutkin, Julie Archer, Migdalia Cruz, Maggie Dubris, Patricial Spears Jones, Karen Kandel, Imelda O'Reilly, and Nancy Groce's Song for New York (MAP 2004), a site-specific piece written by five poets, each reflecting one borough of NYC.

About the Project

Song for New York is a new, site-specific work from Mabou Mines. The piece will be composed of five poems – one poem for each of the five boroughs that make up New York City – written by female poets who have spent much of their lives in the borough about which they are writing. These poems will be set to music and performed with live musicians from many different musical traditions. Between the songs a ten-person male chorus will provide the threads linking each song to the next one; the chorus will also perform the percussive accents for their speeches and for the songs using amplified knitting needles of various lengths and different materials. The underscore for the chorus will be composed largely of found city sounds.

Mabou Mines will perform Song for New York in non-theatrical outdoor spaces in each of the five boroughs of New York City. The work will be shown in each borough for a total of at least ten performances during the summer months (two on each weekend). It will be shown during the day, and it will be free of charge. Song for New York hopes to reach anyone in New York City at the time of the performances: immigrants, native New Yorkers, new arrivals, English speakers, non-English speakers, tourists, etc.

Director/Conceiver – Ruth Maleczech
Visual Artist – Julie Archer
Composer – Lisa Gutkin
Poets: Maggie Dubris (Manhattan)
Karen Kandel (Queens)
Migdalia Cruz (The Bronx)
Patricia Spears Jones (Brooklyn)
Imelda O’Reilly (Staten Island)
Historian/Researcher – Nancy Groce
<EM>Mabou Mines</EM>  (photo: Amnon Nomis)
Mabou Mines (photo: Amnon Nomis)

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