About the Grant

$20,000 to support Anthropomorphic (MAP 2009), a new performance work by French choreographer Xavier Le Roy, commissioned by the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT.

About the Project

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS) has commissioned a new performance work by French choreographer Xavier Le Roy. While on campus during the winter and spring of 2010, Le Roy will collaborate with MIT scientists and researchers studying biomechanics, robotics, artificial intelligence and more to produce a new set of movements. He laid the groundwork for these collaborations during his time as a Visiting Artist at CAVS in 2007. During that visit, he met with many researchers, including scientists at MIT’s Biomechatronics Lab who are merging biomechanical (muscular) principles with machines in order to improve human locomotion and rehabilitation through prosthetic limbs and other mechanical systems for people with compromised movement. Le Roy, who was trained as a molecular biologist, will also work with the Robotic and Artificial Intelligence labs, “collaborating” with robots designed to mimic human gestures and emotional cues. In this way, Le Roy will be able to explore the workings of machines from sophisticated prosthetics to humanoid robots, incorporating their movements, reactions, personalities, and possibly the machines themselves into his work. Much of the content of the piece will come from his conversations and interactions with these scientists and their machinic creations.

Anthropomorphic will premiere at MIT in May 2010.

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