About the Grant

$30,000 to support theater artists Katie Pearl and Lisa D'Amour in creating How To Build A Forest (MAP 2009), which combines duration, sculpture, and performance to construct and then deconstruct a forest in front of a public audience over the course of ten hours.

About the Project

How To Build A Forest is a performance installation in which Pearl and D’Amour build and dismantle a forest on the stage of an empty theater over the course of ten hours. Addressing nature’s cycles and the human impact on them as well as the mythic roots of the forest as metaphor, the installation is created from found materials: metal pipes and fittings, ski poles, street debris, branches, and broom handles. The performance begins and ends with a bare stage and includes theatrical episodes, movement, and repeated, isolated interactions among performers, objects, and viewers. Audience members can enter and leave at any point during the performance. How To Build A Forest is inspired in part by the trees lost at D’Amour’s family home in Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina. A written manual, derived from the performance, is being created in conjunction with the work.

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