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$25,000 to support The Materiality of Impermanence (MAP 2009), an evening-length choreographic project for two performers created by Kimberly Bartosik.

About the Project

In Kimberly Bartosik’s new evening-length choreographic project, The Materiality of Impermanence, two ideas of space, and the ramifications of one’s deep attachment to them (and to the ideas of them), are examined. The first is a complex architectural structure – home—and here Bartosik looks at ways in which the traces of one’s living space are materially erased once the interior life and inhabiting bodies are removed. In a second, more ephemeral realm, she delves into the idea of space that bodies take up inside each other, and the residing imprints and residues which bodies leave on each other over time.

Bartosik and long time collaborator, lighting designer, and installation artist, Roderick Murray, are designing a set made entirely of light (LED's, or Light Emitting Diodes) in the form of a map of an imagined blueprint of a home. The lights will create illusory walls that can appear and disappear in an instant. Three performers inhabit this space, traveling through a series of scenes, which have no clear beginning or ending, but spring up, seemingly spontaneously, the way a memory (often connected to a place or person) suddenly finds its way into one's consciousness. These cinematic-like scenes - defined by sparseness, stillness, silence, and the sense of time passing - happen in various parts of the space, endowing these locations with an ephemeral significance, whose totality will be a sense of obsolescence and loss.

The Materiality of Impermanence will premiere at Dance Theater Workshop in February 2010. The cast includes Kimberly Bartosik, Joanna Koetze, and Marc Mann. Luke Fasano will create an original sound score.

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