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$35,000 to support Tyler Tyler (MAP 2009), a full-evening stage work by choreographer Yasuko Yokoshi exploring the essence of dance regardless of culture, technique and training.

About the Project

Tyler Tyler is a full-evening dance work that uses traditional, deconstructed and new choreographic material generated from a classic work of medieval Japanese literature (The Tale of the Heike) to explore the essence of dance regardless of culture, techniques, and trainings. Choreographer Yasuko Yokoshi is bringing three Japanese traditional performers and two U.S. postmodern dancers together on stage—in a contemporary retelling of a tragic war in Japanese history—to explore identity, impermanence, and how much culture in an art form is transferable, particularly now, when the merging of cultures is more prevalent than ever. Yokoshi’s primary collaborator on Tyler Tyler is Masumi Seyama—revered teacher of Kabuki Su-Odori (“pure dance”) and heir to the masterful dance works of Kanjyuro Fujima IV, one of 20th Century Japan’s leading Kabuki choreographers. Ms. Seyama has given Yokoshi (as an adopted member of the Seyama Dance Family) several dances from Fujima’s Tale of the Heike repertory to use as inspiration for Tyler Tyler. As she develops the work, Yokoshi is respecting both traditional and contemporary movement vocabularies even as she tries to strip them of history and culture. Both the Japanese and U.S. dancers will sing original songs by composer Steven Reker, inspired by Japanese folk music; songs by Lou Reed and Cat Power; and Japanese folk songs—accompanied on toy piano and bass guitar. Yokoshi’s longtime collaborator, So-ichiro Migita, is creating an atmospheric sound score for the work.

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