About the Grant

$22,800 to support Route/Ruta (MAP 2009), an interactive, multi-media new opera to be performed on city buses, created by composer Molly Sturges, librettist Valerie Martinez and director Acushla Bastible in collaboration with Santa Fe residents who live along and use public transportation.

About the Project

Route/Ruta promotes the integration of art and daily life, restores and creates connections across communities, generates meaningful dialogue, and consists of real collaboration between artists and city residents.

Created within the rich and complex cultural fabric of Santa Fe, Route/Ruta will delve into the real and imagined stories, daily interactions, and personal thoughts/dreams of bus riders and people who live along the bus routes. Development will include interviews and creative exercises with students in the public schools, as well as residents (of all ages) who ride city buses and use neighborhood and senior centers. The libretto will be composed from a wide range of oral and written material.

The full opera will span three different bus routes, taking riders (residents and visitors) to various parts of the city—including those not often visited by tourists. The opera will feature live vocalists and musicians, recorded audio, spoken word/poetry, video, and movement. Central to the opera will be interactive transfer stations that set the scene for unexpected and magical episodes that will complement the more formal passages of the performance. Creative transitions between “dreamscapes” and “reality” will blur the lines between the fantastic and the real, and encourage audience members to navigate territories where familiar notions (and expectations) fall away. In this, the opera will urge everyone to “ride” across the boundaries that divide us. Upon completing all three parts (routes) of the opera, audience members will be directed to a location where they can share food and facilitated dialogue about the performance, about Santa Fe, and more.

Route/Ruta takes the audience into a web of relations that evoke the uniqueness of place and the complexity of community life. 

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