About the Grant

$32,500 to support Kitka's collaboration with Ukrainian composer, vocalist, and performance artist Mariana Sadovska in creating Singing Through Darkness: Songs of Wartime (MAP 2009), an evening-length vocal-theater work exploring the multi-faceted experiences of wartime as expressed through song.

About the Project

Collective and personal histories crystallized in folk songs provide a mirror through which we can better understand our times. Throughout time and across national boundaries, the intense experiences associated with times of conflict have produced a remarkable body of songs, and the war-themed folksongs of Eastern Europe have a particularly powerful emotional impact. Singing Through Darkness: Songs of Wartime will reflect on the dynamic, shifting relationships that link history, memory, and the creative imagination. Presented as a staged sonic-collage, using the far reaches of vocal expression, Singing Through Darkness will weave together songs and stories in praise of homelands and heroes, historical ballads, songs of conscription, imprisonment, occupation, forced immigration and loss, with songs of resistance, veiled political satire, faith, survival, and liberation. Songs will be sung both in traditional forms as well as in original settings created by composer Mariana Sadovska in collaboration with Kitka’s singers and project informants. While much of the performance will sing stories from specific times, places, and perspectives, it will also embody the collaborators’ subjective backward gaze as an international group of women living in a globalized 21st century, where once-rigid notions of place, national/ethnic identity, and “otherness” are quickly dissolving.

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