About the Grant

$25,000 to support Basil Twist's The Dogugaeshi Project (MAP 2004), a new theatre piece based on his research on dogugaeshi, a traditional technique in Japanese puppet theater.

About the Project

From the creator of the Symphonie Fantastique comes a new intimate work inspired by Japanese puppet theater and blending centuries of tradition with his own style. Puppet artist Basil Twist had been intrigued with the rarefied and dying tradition of Japanese "dogugaeshi" stage mechanism technique ever since he saw it in a black-and-white film years ago. After immersing himself in the fragmented remains of this once popular rural delight, Twist unfolds an abstract and modern journey of images inspired by the torchbearers of this art form. This hour long performance features original shamisen compositions created and performed by authorized master musician Yumiko Tanaka.

The world premiere of Basil Twist’s Dogugaeshi, commissioned by Japan Society, is co-produced with Tandem Otter Productions, and made possible by funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

Additional funding for the development and production of this project is provided by the Henson International Festival of Puppet Theater; The Jim Henson Foundation; the Asian Cultural Council; and Creative Capital. A developmental residency in Japan was supported by The Kyoto Arts Center.

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From Basil Twist's <EM>The Dogugaeshi Project</EM>
From Basil Twist's The Dogugaeshi Project

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