About the Grant

$15,000 to support Loop Diver (MAP 2008), an evening-length multidisciplinary work for six performers and interactive media built completely from interwoven loops of movement, text, music and video. The relentless and strict rational patterns of this material are then interrupted, reshaped, and renewed by loop divers, performers who effect change to the loops’ structure, which eventually erupts into a turbulence of perpetual motion.

About the Project

At any moment, we may encounter violence. Whether it takes the form of a tangible act of hostility or a subtler, psychological assault, one must move through a state of turbulence, allowing the resonance of aggression to shake our body and soul, so that we might eventually regain equilibrium. But what happens if you cannot process the information, if you cannot come to terms with the resulting anger, fear, and loss? What if the information is so incomprehensible that you find yourself asking the same questions over and over again? What if you get caught in a never-ending loop? This is the thematic core of Loop Diver, a performance that portrays an encounter with violence, and the attempts of its characters to escape from the resulting prisons of repetition. There is only one way out: the performers must dive into their psyche to destroy the loop, leaving them again in balance, but also forever changed.

Loop Diver is commissioned by The Lied Center for Performing Arts, Lincoln, Nebraska, with support from the Creative Campus Innovations Program, and premieres in October 2009.

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