About the Grant

$20,000 to The Foundry Theatre to support the development of The Provenance of Beauty (MAP 2008), a theatrical piece that takes place entirely on a bus touring the south Bronx.

About the Project

While the folklore of the violent South Bronx gives way to new buildings with banners declaring “Luxury Living in So-Bro,” The Foundry Theatre and Bronx-raised poet Claudia Rankine create a theatrical experience that complicates this either-or definition – creating a poetics through which to consider the more complex evolution of a neighborhood, a city and the lives of the people who live there. To do so, collaborating artists Melanie Joseph and Claudia Rankine develop a theatrical work that takes the form of a bus tour touring the south Bronx -- using the tropes of a tourist excursion as dramaturgical anchors: the tour guide, the bus driver, what’s outside the window, historic landmarks, new real estate development, traffic and the voyeuristic concept of a tourism itself.

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