About the Grant

$35,000 to support 17 Degrees of Freedom (MAP 2008), a cross-disciplinary collaboration between choreographer Elizabeth Streb, composer David Van Tieghem, the MIT Media Lab and presenting partners, the Museum of Science, Boston and the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston (ICA), artists and collaborators who are joined by their passion to rethink the interface between people, technology, and society. 

About the Project

Using technological invention as both its practical and conceptual underpinnings, the work will be an in-depth exploration of perpetual motion.   Presented on a circular platform which turns continually, 17 Degrees of Freedom allows the collaborators to investigate physical concepts such as ways to occupy traditionally unoccupied surfaces – ceilings, walls and trusses, challenge gravity and investigate high speed vertical motion in the face of centrifugal force.

17 Degrees of Freedom employs new technologies including: "Smart" Prostheses, a class of biohybrid devices which are human-powered mechanisms designed to accelerate the merging of body and machine and amplify endurance and strength; Yo-Yo, a prototype device powered by the motion of its occupants which allows them to ascend and descend and Personal Robots, an innovative technology, inspired by animal and human behavior, possessing a novel combination of mobility, moderate dexterity, and human-centric communication and interaction abilities.

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