About the Grant

$15,000 to support Last Meadow (MAP 2008), a new evening length performance/dance piece by Miguel Gutierrez in collaboration with long time lighting design collaborator Lenore Doxsee. A trio with Gutierrez, long time collaborator Michelle Boule, and Tarek Halaby, this piece explores the idea of communication gone awry: the inadequacy, failure, and mystery of language.

About the Project

In the work, Gutierrez hopes to embody something about the space where interpretation supercedes intention, and where imagination leads us to experience something which appears familiar, anew. Communication and order presume understanding. What would it be like NOT to understand what is communicated, in fact, to see that as a “goal” of communication?  Misinterpreted will question the way that meaning, identity, location and even “nation” is written onto and into a body.

Other collaborators on this project include multi-media artist Paul Chan and sound designer Neal Medlyn.

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