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$20,000 to support QUALITIES OF LIGHT (MAP 2008), a performance installation exploring the nature of hope, the force of the erotic and the interrelationship of past, present and future - conceived, written and directed by Daniel Alexander Jones with music by Helga Davis.

About the Project

Audience members are led in three groups, through interactive performance stations. The audience groups are offered separate narrative journeys that weave together at the culmination. ANTJE is a black American woman, living in an alarmingly deluged near-future Manhattan, who has stolen a drawing by the artist Egon Schiele.  KLARA is a sex worker in late-Weimar Germany, who has built a ravishingly attractive, androgynous automaton - she invites audience members to whisper secrets in its ear.  PARIS is Klara's automaton-turned-human.  He has traveled across time and space searching for the woman who is meant to receive a message from his mother, and he will enlist audience members in his search.

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